Tuesday, April 21, 2015

List of Online Shops in Lebanon

Here is a list of online shops in Lebanon. I look forward to do all my shopping from the comfort of my home. Until that day comes, here is a set of available online stores where hopefully you will find what you have been looking to buy.

http://www.ekt2.com/ (electronics)
http://www.zarahome.com/ (home decoration)
http://www.tezkarshop.com/ (gadgets and accessories)
http://prettylittlebox.net/ (subscription monthly beauty box)
http://www.hobbymaxlb.com/ (remote controlled toys)
http://www.lebanonfinearts.com/ (gifts, accessories, etc)
http://www.kiwihomeco.com/ (home decoration)
http://alandalous.com/ (roasteries)
http://pczonelb.com/ (electronics)
http://www.numed.me/ (nutri/medical equipment)
http://wurth.com.lb/ (electronics)
http://www.azzisport.com/ (sports accessories)
http://www.heskat.com/ (electronics)
http://www.geekexpress.com/ (DC comics, Marvel, etc)
http://www.buylebanese.com/ (Lebanese food, etc)
http://vantostyle.com/ (gadgets and accessories) 
http://kinggeorges.com/ (accessories)
http://www.homecentrestores.com/ (home decoration)
http://www.gebrangeahchan.com/ (toys)
http://shapeupstore.net/ (supplements)
https://www.lushlebanon.com/ (soaps etc.)
http://www.deal.com.lb/ (deals)
http://www.getforless.com/ (electronics)
http://www.shoppinginleb.com/ (clothes)
http://bazarkan.com/ (clothes and accessories)
http://www.macdesign.com.lb/ (jewelry)
https://www.patioucha.com/ (clothes and accessories)
https://www.pellini-collection.com/ (men's clothes)
http://www.lelilasflowerlounge.com/ (flowers)
http://gadgitechstore.com/ (electronics)
http://www.soukorjuwan.com/ (crafts and souvenirs)
http://www.myeasyprints.com/ (photo books, calendars, etc)

Please note that while I am familiar with some of the stores, I do not endorse, support, or guarantee any of them.  

If you would like to add more online shops to the list, please leave a comment below.

The remarkable blogger Rita Kamel has done an excellent job compiling more at ritakml.info.

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