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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

List of Online Shops in Lebanon

Here is a list of online shops in Lebanon. I look forward to do all my shopping from the comfort of my home. Until that day comes, here is a set of available online stores where hopefully you will find what you have been looking to buy. (electronics) (home decoration) (gadgets and accessories) (subscription monthly beauty box) (remote controlled toys) (gifts, accessories, etc) (home decoration) (roasteries) (electronics) (nutri/medical equipment) (electronics) (sports accessories) (electronics) (DC comics, Marvel, etc) (Lebanese food, etc) (gadgets and accessories) (accessories) (home decoration) (toys) (supplements) (soaps etc.) (deals) (electronics) (clothes) (clothes and accessories) (jewelry) (clothes and accessories) (men's clothes) (flowers) (electronics) (crafts and souvenirs) (photo books, calendars, etc)

Please note that while I am familiar with some of the stores, I do not endorse, support, or guarantee any of them.  

If you would like to add more online shops to the list, please leave a comment below.

The remarkable blogger Rita Kamel has done an excellent job compiling more at


Anonymous said... :)

Anonymous said...

RAM ---> bestofram

zee said...

Add to the list this flower shop :

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Mebel Jepara said...

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Kursi Vintage
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Kursi Permaisuri
Kursi Balon
Kursi Kerodong Nagita Rafi Ahmad
Kursi Bar
Tempat Tidur Jati
Sofa Romawi
Meja Duco
Nakas Klasik
Meja Makan Trembesi
Lemari Botol
Fram Pigura Ukir
Lemari Pintu Kaca
Meja Konsul
Kursi Syahrini
Bufet Tv
Lemari Pakaian Jati
Kursi Tamu Minimalis
Sofa Minimalis Trembesi
Dipan Peluru
Lemari Pakaian Pintu Sliding
Nakas Inggris
Kursi Tamu Jati Semut Gajah

Anonymous said...

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Used several times now and they have been truly fabulous. Great Online Store and amazing friendly service. Nearly got all my orders same day, that is a first in Lebanon. Highly recommended.

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stephany said...

trendiest Cosmetics shop: alajelly_onlineshop (instagram)
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Anonymous said...

You can add to the list of shopping sites in Lebanon
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John James said...

These are so useful. Thank you for helping !

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